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Mama Cocoon

Relaxation and Reflection time for busy Mums

Because being a Mum is a lot!
We're busy balancing and juggling family, life, your house work, all the to do's
plus work too perhaps. So it's easy to feel overwhelmed and
like there's no time for us.
But it's essential to have something that helps us
feel supported in motherhood.
Join the Mama Cocoon
Take part in relaxing and supportive rituals to help us process the changes, joys and challenges we experience as mothers. Feel heard, understood and supported and then switch off, wind down and leave feeling fully relaxed.
First Mama Cocoon is on 7th September and it's FREE!
Click below to register your interest.
 82% of Mums wanted to improve their Mum Mood

They recognised how not feeling their best affects their children and their partner.

(My Mum Mood Survey, March 2022 )

In the Mama Cocoon we'll spend time: 

  • Thinking about where we are on our motherhood journey, (our matrescence)

  • Pausing and checking in with how we're feeling

  • Chatting about how becoming a Mum has changed us

  • Sharing the joys and challenges we're facing

  • Discussing how we empower ourselves and the opportunities motherhood gives us

  • Switching off and winding down and properly relaxing before bedtime 

Don't struggle alone

90% of mothers feel lonely after having children. 87% of mothers feel guilty.
Channel Mums, March 2018
Hello, I'm Rebecca

I didn't find it easy being a stay at home Mum. After fertility struggles I expected life to be amazing. I was finally a Mum!

My daughter was full of fun and life but I felt so split.

Sometimes I felt really anxious that I wasn't doing a good enough job (Oh the Mum guilt!). And at other times I felt a strong pull to get back to the me I was before I became Mum.

Once I discovered Matrescence, the split I felt finally made sense. 

It's such a passion and a privilege to share my knowledge of the 6 steps of Matrescence. I love to help Mums find their own way through it so they can enjoy motherhood as much as I do now!

Rebecca Hogan

"I was feeling overwhelmed and fatigued with a lack of self care in my new role as a mother.

During the coaching sessions with Rebecca I was able to shed light on how I could shift things. I had more clarity and tools that I could implement. Rebecca was supportive and very encouraging throughout."

LUCY, Mum of 1

How it works

The first ever Mama Cocoon is on Wednesday 7th September at 8pm
It's a relaxation and reflection evening for busy Mums.
And as it's the first one ever, it's FREE!
What will be included:
  • Introductions

  • Meditation

  • Outline of the first of the six steps to exploring Who You Are Now You're a Mum and your journey into Motherhood - your Matrescence

  • Journaling questions and private time to think and reflect

  • Discussion around the first step of matrescence for those that feel called to share

  • Relaxation exercises and meditation to ensure you relax and wind down ready for a great nights sleep

The Mama Cocoon is a great way to create connections and bonds with a group of like minded Mums. It's so powerful and healing to sit with other women and feel heard, understood and supported.

Register for more information
Once you register you'll receive all the information you need to take part by email. The final details including the link to join us on zoom will be finalised by Tuesday 6th September.

Will the Mama cocoon meetings be recorded?

Anything you share in the cocoon is confidential and won't be referenced or recorded for sharing elsewhere.

Fran, mum of twins

"I found my sessions with Rebecca extremely helpful and I had some big realisations during our time working together.

Rebecca's approach is gentle and kind, asking the right questions and making me reflect on my thoughts and emotions. She gave me some useful tips and tangible things to work on in between our sessions, which was very helpful indeed.

FRAN, Mum of twins

Outdoor Book Club

This Mama cocoon is right for you if you're feeling the:

✔ Need to feel less overwhelmed or anxious

✔ Lack of me-time is getting you down

✔ Curious to reflect on your motherhood journey

✔ Desire to connect with other Mums like you

It's not right for you if you're:

​✔ Don't think being a Mum is a big deal

✔ You're not interested in talking about motherhood

✔ Your lifestyle is perfectly balanced

✔ You take plenty of time out for you

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