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6 Tips to calm Overwhelm and enjoy your day

Here's how to get clear and calm so you can take control and enjoy your day :

1. Accept the chaos Be OK with the typical chaos of family life today. Find a way to let whatever imperfection worries you (the messy house, the busy start to the day getting everyone out the house) wash over you instead.

Don't let the small stuff get to you.

Normal life isn't perfect and that's OK.

Be kind to yourself. Life is messy so don't let that spoil your mood. 2. Take 5 minutes to think about your day Grab a hot drink and take a breathe and just be for 5 minutes wherever and whenever you can as near to the start of the day as possible.

- Work out how to spend you day.

- Get your head straight and your thoughts together.

You'll be so much more productive and calm for doing this I promise. 3. Be grateful for all that's good in life and focus on enjoying your day Within your 5 minutes think about what you get to do and enjoy today? Your family, your home, your colleagues and friends?

Feel the gratitude and you'll go about your day in a more calm, present, joyful way. 4. Prioritise and balance your time and energy Have a think about how you can best use your precious time and energy today.

Think about how you can get what's most important done for you, your family and any other work or responsibilities you have.

How can you go about your day without rushing and hustling? 5. Have realistic expectations We can be so guilty of trying to do everything!

Work out what is actually do able today and focus only on that. Feel the joy for what you are achieving by ticking it off on your list or adding it to your calendar as you go. Add what isn't realistic to another day. 6. Schedule some time for you to celebrate all you achieve each day Have something to look forward to each day that is just for you.

- A favourite drink or treat.

- Some time to yourself to do something you enjoy.

- 5 minutes quiet time to gather your thoughts at the end of the day.

Fitting in something that helps you feel positive about yourself and your day is a great mood booster.

Did these tips help?

Are you ready to put them in action so you can start to feel more confident in yourself and more excited about your day?

Or do you want to be supported to do all this (and more) and be sure to ditch the overwhelm straight away?

Get in touch at and we can have a chat about how you feel now and how you'd like to feel.

Have a great day.


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