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8 Top Tips to make sure you enjoy the summer holidays

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Top Tips to enjoy the school summer holidays

Some Mums feel quite anxious about the summer holidays. They wonder how on earth they are going to get everything done that they juggle in term time.

So here's some tips to help you manage them so you can make the most of them and really enjoy them.

1. It's a long holiday so mix it up and keep things interesting.

Work out how many family days you have together? How many days do you need to get cover for with holiday clubs? How many days will you spend with your wider family and friends?

2. Focus on the time you do have together as a family and spend some time thinking about how you want to spend it.

You could ask the children for ideas of what is top of their list.

My daughter loves a day out but equally loves days where we just pop to the park or play in the garden with local friends. If I ask her what she wants to do she’s as likely to choose something close to home as she is a big day out.

She’s also mad into craft and cooking and baking so that always covers me for rainy days or days I need to be at home for a delivery or something.

3. Think about how you get the balance and budget right for your family.

Don’t try to do too much.

How many at home days do you need to let the kids chill and for you to get your to do list done such as laundry and admin.

How many big days or half days out can you afford?

4. Agree a routine and set expectations

Let the kids know when you'll be busy working

What snacks they can have.

How much TV or tablet time can they have?

What reading or other work do you expect them to do.

Make it easy for them to free play by getting a different tray of toys and books out each day.

Make a list of all the jobs and chores that need to be done and get them to choose which ones to help with. It’s great for them to muck in and realise that tidying and sorting things like the laundry isn’t just Mum’s job or adult jobs. Use the holidays as a time to help them get some extra independence.

5. Make sure you get some work/ to do time and some chill time of your own too

This way when you are with your children you are excited and energetic. You can relax and enjoy them knowing time has been allocated for everything else that really needs to get done.

6. Remember the great memories and fun traditions you have from your own childhood and think about how you can relive them with your children

For me simple things like fish and chips at the beach or an ice cream make me really happy and are memories I really treasure.

7. Don't compare yourself to others

Be true to your family and do what's right for you all. Don't feel pressured by what others are doing or what you're seeing on social media. That is not a full reflection of their 24-7 real life.

Don't feel guilty if you have to work or run errands. That's part of real life. As long as when you do have time together each day you're fully connecting with them they'll know they're loved.

8. If you are finding things hard think about why that might be.

What can you learn from it? What is causing it?

What changes can you make? What else can you try?

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