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How to feel like a great Mum everyday

Do you feel good about yourself as a Mum?

Do you believe that all you do as a Mum is enough?

Or do you worry you could do more or be better?

Becoming a Mum wakes up a woman. We want to be our best self.

So we can be the best parent for our children.

Mums have got determination and commitment to keep going.

And when it doesn’t go well we pick ourselves up and find a better way.

We need to acknowledge our feminine strengths in order to feel we're a good Mum

The way we nurse our children, comfort our children. How we manage all the things we do in a day.

The determination and commitment to keep on going for our family even when we've had a rough nights sleep and it feels like everything is crazy and not going to plan.

That is our strength.

You can still be strong and yell sometimes.

You can still be strong and not feel clear on what you need to do and when

“You are strong because you’re a mother!”

“The hardest job in the world and nothing makes you stronger!”

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, Mama Rising

To maintain strength you have to know who you really are now you're a Mum

It's not about the masculine way of fighting your way through and constantly proving to others you can do it though.

You will burn yourself out trying to be 'the perfect mother' or the super woman.

Strength in motherhood does not come from rushing around trying to do all the things you did before.

You just have to deep down inside Believe in Yourself!

Go about your day knowing you're amazing and you've got nothing to prove.

We do this by getting to:

✨ Know who we are now we're a mother.

✨ Decide what's important to us now

✨ Choosing what matters most and just doing that

✨ Focus our time and energy on what makes us happy, feel content and believe we're doing great each day!

It starts by celebrating all we've achieved to date in motherhood

We've done so many amazing things!



✨Settling to sleep

Everyday you did it the best way you could.

So choose to let go of any comparison and 'should have' or 'could of' judgement that comes up and just acknowledge that you did it. Celebrate all that you are and have been.

And now that you know how strong you are:

It's time to fuel that self belief more It's time to start believing every single day that "You've Got This""

It's time to build on that strength and not lose it.

You do that by using some of your commitment to your family to also commit to yourself.

Some tools I recommend to my clients to help them commit to themselves and to keep feeling that strength and empowerment grow include:

  1. Start to meditate daily - find a time of day and an app that works for you. I use insight timer.

  2. Keep learning and working on what doesn't support you to be the woman and mother you want to be - for example I kept looking into ways to help my daughter when she was super emotional and worked out how I could stay calm and support her best. I started to get good at accepting help so I could rest more or do more things that made me feel good.

  3. Keep your vision of who you want to be, how you want to parent, live and love alive everyday - I have a vision board, daily mantras and goals which keep me on track and make me feel good about myself.

If you'd like help to find your own unique way of being kind to yourself, valuing yourself and your mothering and believing in yourself more so you can stay strong do get in touch.

Because it's time to stop burning ourselves out trying to be superwoman and instead feel good everyday in motherhood and as a woman in our own right too.

I'd love to work with you and help you if you are feeling called to do this work. Please do get in touch via email at or book a free call here

All the best,


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