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The little things that can make us Mums feel great!

"I don't have time!"

That's what many Mums say when you ask them what they've done for themselves today.

Really? Do you really not have the time?

Let's talk about what you can do for you that really doesn't take much time to do at all but really does make a difference to your day.

Here's 6 ways to do something for you today:

  1. If you do have children at home full time you may need to find ways to do things you love that will also entertain your children

-Think about the things you love to do and find a kid friendly variant like Cosmic yoga or kids zumba on youtube. This is how I survived lockdown and homeschooling!

-Pick an outing or a place you know they'll enjoy too and go for a meander, a browse or a coffee. Visits to a NT, RHS or any local garden or a farm shop works well for us. You pick the place and let them pick the route around it maybe. Take a treasure map you've made or download a map from their website and add to it for extra fun.

-Choose an activity you love to do that they'll join in with or create their own version of e.g colouring, drawing, any craft works. Gardening together or cooking together can be fun if you have simple tasks they can do with you. My daughter loves planting things and also enjoys chopping and peeling and mixing and whisking.

2. Turn an everyday activity into a ritual to make the day feel extra special and you more positive and full of gratitude for life.

-Tea rituals are fun. You set a place at the table, use your best tea and your best cup or mug. Light a candle if you're alone or set some flowers in a vase. If you're with your child, set up their table and chairs and make it all pretty for lunch or an afternoon tea. You could go shopping and choose the food together as well if you have time.

-Bath time can be made more glamorous for you by adding gentle lighting such as candles beside the bath and flowers beside or even petals in the water. Use your best bath oils and towels and enjoy your favourite drink or snack. Play soft music. Make it your own special time to relax and pamper yourself.

3. Swap activities that you do regularly for something more mindful or enjoyable. For example, many Mums find themselves scrolling on social media regularly. This can drain us and take us down the dangerous path of comparing ourselves to others and feeling down about it.

- Think about how you're spending your time and how you feel afterwards.

- Choose something new or fit in something else you really want to do. Maybe read a book or listen to a podcast on your phone instead.

4. Combine activities you have to do with ones you really want to do but aren't. Get clever with your time, be more flexible with it to make it either more special or just more fun. For example:

- Read or listen to music in the bath

- Listen to a podcast while you do the cleaning or tidy the washing away.

5. Choose high vibe activities like exercise or dancing to music you love and fit them into small bits of time you don't usually do much with:

- Kettle is boiling, do some squats or lunges or dance in the kitchen

- Cleaning the house

- Doing the school run (literally)

6. Take time to process your thoughts, let your mind wander to think about things like your emotions today, who you haven't seen that you'd like to, daydream about how you'd like life to be right now.

-Brushing your teeth, cleaning the house, while the kettle is boiling or you're taking a shower.

-Have a notebook or the notes app in your phone to jot down thoughts that come to you naturally in the day.

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Wishing you all the best,


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