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Three ways to surrender to summer so you can enjoy the school holidays more

mum and girl enjoying the summer holidays by waving out the car window
Surrender to the school summer holidays

Schools are breaking up everywhere for summer right now.

This long summer break can bring up all the emotions for Mums.

Feeling super stressed over the pressure to make memories with your children?

The “you only get 18 summers” and “enjoy every minute” narratives can feel super unhelpful when you're finding it tough and are in the more challenging moments of motherhood.

Feeling guilty that you have paid work to do, all the chores and god forbid you take time to do the things you need to do for yourself!

It’s essential to reframe these thoughts. You need to look after yourself and feel good about yourself. You’re a much better mum to your children and a better role model if you’re thriving rather than just surviving!

Feeling frustrated your family needs so much from you and you just can’t do it all?

It sure is too much if you're trying to do it all yourself!

Feeling resentment because you believe your wants, needs, your life is on hold?

It's not good for you to feel like you aren’t as important as others are!

I know how hard it is to feel like this. But I also know how much you can alter your daily thoughts and your beliefs to more liberating, empowering and positive ones.

It’s a complete gamechanger! I’ve done it! And it feels amazing!

I’ve moved from previously dreading the holidays and wondering how on earth I’m going to get through them to actually looking forward to them and feeling so happy and grateful for the opportunity to take time out and have fun.

The secret is to surrender to summer!

There’s 3 ways of surrendering and I rely on all of them to help me enjoy the summer to the full.

1. Surrender trying to do it all.

Let go of some of the things you’d like to or feel you should get done.

I love to choose what to do, ditch, delegate and delay.

It takes the pressure off me.

It empowers my daughter to step up now shes’ older.

It helps my partner, family, friends all feel more involved.

And by creating my own village around me it helps others to do the same. Everyone wins. We don’t have to go it alone. We just have to be the ones to break the mould. To be brave and say “Hey, this is a lot. How about we help each other out?”

Doing Less means we get to enjoy what we do more!

This is the way to have more summer fun!

2. Surrender some of your own projects that give you that feeling of success and fulfillment in life knowing wholeheartedly you can get back to them in September!

Knowing your time will come to pick those things you love to do for your own personal fulfillment really helps you release feelings of frustration and resentment.

Believing that it’s OK to pause, reduce or switch about your exercise, work/business, learning, hobbies, routines and habits and anything else you can’t do when the kids are around all summer really helps you enjoy what you do have now which is more time to enjoy summer with your children..

When I take time off running my business over the summer I find I come up with new ideas and inspiration which moves me forward more quickly and easily than if I’d carried on pushing through trying to work while my daughter is off school.

For me knowing I have time planned in post the school holidays to rest first to get back on top form and then do all the work, social and fun things for me all planned is the key. It is so liberating!

Knowing I'll get time to be me again in September helps me fully enjoy summer.

3. Surrender to the need to take time for you to manage your nervous system

Approaching the holidays with the knowledge that we’re not going to enjoy every minute relieves the pressure. It's just so unrealistic to believe that!

I acknowledge, accept and am OK with admitting that I find the noise and chaos of having my daughter at home full time for so many weeks really overstimulating at times.

I recognise what I need when I need it, (some quiet me time usually), and how I can go about getting it, so it’s not a big thing.

My hubby and daughter know how to support me to take this time. And they know how to take the time they need to.

It’s just how life is in our family. Mummy has time to do her yoga, reading, have some quiet time.

I spend some of this quiet time focusing on feeling the joy of the gorgeous moments and celebrating what went well so there’s less room for worrying or feeling bad about the fact there’s been some really rubbish hard moments too.

It’s totally normal and OK for there to be tough moments but I don’t want to dwell on them thinking we’re not doing well as a family or that I’m a bad Mum because of them.

Don’t let the good moments of the day and the whole summer holiday pass by you without you noticing them because you’re so worried about the tricky moments happening.

So in summary:

Surrender to summer

- Know that some things are on hold until September

- Know you’ll need some time for you

- Know some days will feel hard but really look out for, enjoy and celebrate the easy, fun, happy moments.

Mark the magical moments in your memories

If you’d like help to surrender to summer you can:

Grab my Get Set for Summer bundle which helps you to manage your mindset so you enjoy your summer to the max.

The workbook prompts you to plan as a family all together. So you can share the load, think about your need for routines and healthy habits and choose fun days out. Plus there's 12 mini ritual ideas to help you set your positive intentions for a fab day ahead and relax and unwind at the end of the day knowing you've done your best. Find out more here

Join my vision board course if you'd love to use this summer to envision your dream life come September. This course helps you work out what you want and need and how to best use your time and energy to achieve all you desire in life for fun, family and fulfilment. Find out more here

Have a great Summer!

Enjoy it!



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