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6 Top Tips and 6 Ideas for creating healthy habits that ensure you get some Me-Time this summer

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Last week I wrote about routines and how they can really help you manage the juggle when the kids are at home more over the summer holidays.

If you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed out it's really worth putting a routine in place so that you can feel more relaxed as you know everything has been allocated some time.

Have a read here.

Getting into a habit is a great way of making sure you get some Me-Time when the kids are home.

A healthy Me-Time habit will help you feel calmer and enjoy the holidays more.

We only have so much willpower. We're only human after all. So you need healthy habits to make sure your autopilot kicks in for you. It’s such a fab feeling when your Me-Time becomes really easy to do and fit in.

Imagine all your self care practices become as automatic as having a shower and brushing your teeth. How cool would that be!

It can feel tricky to start a new habit so here's some tips:

  1. Choose one thing and make sure it’s something small. This way you have the best chance of succeeding and can celebrate it and feel confident before adding in another Me-Time habit. It's got to be something you find benefits you or you really enjoy as otherwise it's going to be hard to keep doing and it isn't Me-Time in my books if you don't enjoy it.

  2. Pick a day to start that feels good to you. A fresh start is recommended. For example, a Saturday if your partner is around more at the weekend. It might be a Monday when the kids are at school. This gives you time to get everything in place too.

  3. Set things up in advance. For example, buy a new journal, download the audio book, get your running kit out the night before or set the kids a craft or activity up before you have your quiet me time coffee moment.

  4. Decide ahead of time when you’ll take your Me-Time and stick to it. Don’t overthink it or talk yourself out of it. Make it really simple. For example, meditate after you’ve brushed your teeth at night. Practise gratitude in the shower or while the kids are having breakfast. This helps you to fit it in and make it something you find easy to do really quickly.

  5. Use a visual cue to remind you to do it. For example, leave your journal out by the coffee machine or use kids chalk markers to write on your bathroom mirror. Pop an alarm on your phone. Once you get used to seeing it there move it so you don’t just start ignoring it and forgetting to take your me time. Leaving things somewhere unusual will ensure you get a physical reminder to take your Me-Time until you get used to taking it.

  6. Get a buddy to start the same habit and check in with each other. Hold each other accountable.

Let me know what you think? Are you fired up to get some Me-Time this summer?

Or do you need some ideas?

Me-Time Ideas for when the kids are around:

  1. Let them play on their tablet while you read your book on your kindle.

  2. Go for a run while they are having breakfast with their dad or another family member.

  3. Listen to your audio book while you’re cleaning and they’re playing in the garden or watching TV.

  4. Set your 3 important tasks for the day while you’re having your morning cuppa and they are having a snack.

  5. Write out or say out loud a positive statement, an affirmation or a mantra. You could stick it on your mirror in your bedroom to remind you when you're getting dressed.

  6. Use your shower time to practice gratitude. Think "What am I grateful for today?" Choose 3 things and try to come up with new things each day to keep it fresh.

Ideas to help you create some healthy habits with your children in the summer holidays.

  1. Combine your healthy happy habit with something the kids like to do e.g walk around the lake before you hit the play park at the local country park.

  2. All do cosmic yoga or Zumba together via You Tube on the TV or laptop.

  3. Play running games in the garden or if you're feeling less energetic have a 6 second hug to boost your happiness hormones.

  4. Have a check list or activity for the kids to complete so they don’t need to bother you while you’re doing your morning self care.

  5. Gratitude practice at the dinner table with the family each day. Everyone is asked in turn "What am I grateful for today?"

  6. Put a poster of affirmations up in a family room or the kitchen to say together each morning - I am Kind, I am Helpful, I can do hard things. I am loved. I am enough.

So now you have some top tips, ideas for Me-Time and ideas for healthy habits you can try with the kids.

it's time to pick something and give it a try.

Decide on a habit you'd like to become automatic. Remember it may take some time to get used to it and you may miss a day but don't let it put you off. Keep going as you'll feel a real sense of satisfaction when you work it out.

Just think how much happier you'll feel fitting some healthy habits into your week. You'll start to feel so much better knowing there's a time for you to do the things you really want to do.

You'll soon find a way to get something for you too each day which all Mums want and need!

If you do find this to be a tricky, get in touch by email to to find out how I can help you with some coaching tools and techniques.

Take care for now,


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