Find out how we celebrated International Women's Day in the Mama Cocoon community

March 14, 20233 min read

IWD recognises that there is power in connection and our ability to have great conversation about what's unique about us and what brings us joy.

So, it seems it was meant to be that our monthly Mama Cocoon online zoom meeting was on International Women's Day this month.

The Mama Cocoon community is a group of Mums that love to have an open and honest chat about what it's really like to be a Mum.

We all know it's super important to take time out for ourselves in motherhood. And being with other women is a really lovely way to spend an evening or a lunch hour.

We listen and support each other and learn from and inspire each other too.

So it was a perfect way to celebrate IWD 2023.

"Community brings us power. We is stronger than me."

The IWD 2023 campaign theme was #EmbraceEquity so we chatted about what we have in common and what we feel our similarities are as Mothers in order to feel a sense of solidarity.

This is an important part of the Mama Cocoon because you can feel quite alone especially in the early stages of motherhood.

We also had a chat about what makes us unique to encourage and inspire each other to find our own way of parenting and to take time to be women in our own right too.

Taking time for ourselves is what helps us shine the most love onto our children, our partners and all those around us.

Without having any time for ourselves we are left feeling tired, grumpy, frustrated and even resentful which is harmful to our relationships and makes us feel rubbish about ourselves too.

Equity acknowledges that we aren't all the same.

Our: upbringing, experiences to date, income, childcare access and what other resources we have available to us massively affect how we manage and feel in day to day life.

So common themes which we discuss often in the Mama Cocoon came up about how access to childcare and our ability to get enough rest and support massively affects whether we can thrive or survive in motherhood and how we ultimately parent our children.

And the fact that society still has different expectations of Mothers and Fathers is always a popular topic of conversation!

In celebration on IWD I wanted to share some resources we use in the Mama Cocoon to help us relax and reflect on the the theme of the month.

Make a cosy space for yourself with a blanket and cushions. Light a candle and grab a drink and a notebook and pen and really enjoy listening to the 3 short audio files.

Women, A Poem by Donna Ashworth, taken from her book 'Life'

Unlearning, A sacred feminine meditation

adapted from Wild & Wise written by Amy Bammel Wilding

Future You visualisation to help you be the woman you want to be, written by me Rebecca Hogan

And if you like what you hear I'd love for you to come and join the conversation at the next Mama Cocoon meet up onlineIt's on Wednesday 12th April at 8pm and Thursday 13th April at 1pm.

You're so welcome to visit us and it's complimentary Just click here and register

The theme for April will be "spring" and how to keep growing and evolving as a woman and a mother. And how we grow and change as our children do to.

We'd love to see you there.

Until then enjoy the longer days.

All the best,


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