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Finding life hard and missing all the joy?

Are you busy rushing from one thing to the next?

Are you worried you're not going to get everything there is to do, done?

Rushing and worrying uses up a lot of energy.

And it means you don't enjoy the things you're rushing to and through.

You feel stressed and tense and are less able to be fully present in what you are doing.

You're really missing out on the moment as you're less able to see the joy or join in on the fun.

And you're not experiencing true connection with the people you're with either!

This year I have a couple of images on my vision board to keep reminding me to:

"Savour the moment"

To "Learn to live in the present and fully enjoy the gift of each moment."

In parenting, and in life in general, we can find ourselves holding onto frustrations or a need to get things done. Which means we can't relax and lean into the lightness or the playful side of a situation.

Have you noticed that when this is the case the usual routines don't go as smoothly as you hope?

You actually have to give more than you do on the days you are more relaxed and have that little bit more to give.

Your children can sense your frustration and tension which causes them to actually need more from you, not the less you were hoping for, so you can get on with what it is that is distracting you.

So in light of all this I wanted to give you:

10 tips to make sure you're not missing out on the joy in your life right now

To help you live a more intentional life and have time to "Savour the Moment" instead.

Tip 1 - Slow Down!

Start as you mean to go on by making sure you have a great morning.

Choose a couple of intentional habits that set you up for the day.

Do what makes you feel great.

Such as:

  • Eat a good breakfast.

  • Stretch

  • Give yourself time to get ready so you look and feel good

  • Have time for a loving conversation with your partner and children

What will you choose to fit into your morning routine?

Tip 2 - Practice Self Compassion

Do you have unrealistic expectations of the day?

Do you need to share the load and ask for help?

Are you pushing yourself too hard?

Be kind to yourself.

Check in with yourself rather than just pushing on through thinking it's all on you.

Our partner's, friends and family are often more than willing to help than we might think. If we get vulnerable and let people know what is feeling too much for us then we can find people make useful suggestions and help us out.

Don't let yourself get to breaking point or be grumpy, angry or tearful before you talk things through with them.

Same with your friends. Have a think and a chat about how you can support each other. Because parenting really does take a village.

Tip 3 - Be Conscious of Your Use of Technology

It's so easy to while away the day on your phone or an evening watching TV.

At times, you may even have 2 devices on the go at once!

Technology is a big part of our lives. It helps us feel connected to the world and can be a great source of inspiration and connection.

But I recommend not using your device first thing in the morning as it distracts you from your home life. It takes you into other peoples worlds or starts you thinking about all you have to do, be, have.

The pressures of the world and any worries about the work day ahead come over you rather than you being able to start the day present with and enjoying the company of your children and your partner.

Be sure to put your devices out of reach when you're choosing to have some quality time together. And ask those you are with to do the same.

How could limiting your screen time benefit you?

Tip 4 - Get realistic about your day

What do you need to get done for your work and home life?

How can you ensure you get time for you too?

It's important to make time for our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

I get realistic by choosing just 3 work To Do's each day so that I still have time to do my yoga, have a nice lunch and cook the dinner etc.

Are you being realistic around what you can get done in the time you have?

Tip 5 - Think about what matters most

Often we're just making sure we get everything we need to get done - done! We can easily fall into routines and habits that don't include the things that matter most to us or give us the greatest joy.

But if you want to live intentionally and with purpose it's essential you take a few minutes to remember:

What is special to you and what brings you joy?

And then think about:

When in the week and Which time of the day you could include it?

For me this includes making time to see friends and have time for my hobbies and exercise. It varies as to when I see people and do these things. But I'm mindful as to whether I've got it booked in each week or if I need to make those plans.

Tip 6 - Choose some quotes, affirmations or mantras to keep you on track

These really set the tone for your day. They keep you grounded in your intentions.

To help me to live more intentionally and to savour the moment more I have a good few quotes and affirmations on my vision board including:

"Keep it Simple"

"Less is more"

"Let's let go of "busy" as a status symbol and our productivity as self worth."

My affirmations around this are:

"By doing less I receive more joy and happiness"

"I'm choosing happy over busy"

"I'm being successful today by enjoying today"

What can you use as a reminder and a prompt to live more intentionally and take time for you?

Tip 7 - Be more Mindful

Meditation is amazing but if you can't do that first thing in the morning then you can start your day off on the right foot by being mindful in the shower or eating breakfast.

You could have a really special cup of tea or coffee moment.

I do this after the school run.

What will you choose to do and when?

Really focus on the experience of the moment.

So for the shower you'd really take notice of how the water feels on your body, the temperature, the pressure, the aromas of your shower gel or face wash.

Do what you need to do to make it as pleasurable experience as possible.

By being more mindful we can really make everyday routines into a lovely ritual which we really look forward to rather than unconsciously rush through.

Tip 8 - Look After your Body

It's great to nourish your body with healthy food and exercise.

Stretching, working out, going for a walk.

Whatever works for you is fab to mobilise your body and get your energy pumping.

Don't forget to drink enough water and fuel up on nutritional food so that you're giving yourself the best chance to feel great.

What could you add into your day to give you a boost?

Tip 9 - Check in with your thoughts and emotions

This comes top of my list. So I'm not sure why it's ended up as Tip 9 but anyhow!

Ask yourself: How am I feeling? What do I need today?

Check in with yourself so you can plan your day accordingly.

Tip 10 - Connect with Someone Special

It's important to keep relationships alive with real connection.

What's app and social media are great but make sure you make time to actually talk to and see the people you love and care about.

It's such a richer experience and leaves us feeling so much closer together.

Bring love and happiness into your day and your friends or loved ones day by calling them, video calling or meeting up with them.

Life is too short not to live it fully.

Let's embrace and breathe in all the joy there is available to us in the everyday moments.

Let's slow down and do a little less to give ourselves a little more time to just "Be"!

Because life is a gift to be celebrated and enjoyed.

Ready to take action?

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