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Harness the power of Vision Boarding to Feel Empowered & Excited for 2024

I've been blown away by the shifts and successes we've been celebrating

in the Dream & Do Community this month.

Here's what Lucie shared:

"I'm in a much different place!"

I'm feeling so much more Joy in work!

I feel more Empowered.

It's given me so much more Confidence! I'm making space for joy.

And I've completed things that have been on my list for 8-15 years!

That's Lucie's list of wins for  just the last few months of 2023!

And I know how much my Vision Board course has helped other ladies too!

There is so much power in having a Vision

And my Vision Board course is proven to bring your dreams alive in a way that feels so Easy too!

It's definitely not woo woo!

And you don't need to burn yourself out in hustle and grind to make it all happen!

Whether you have:

Goals you want to go after in 2024

Such as.... starting your Dream Job, Learning a new Hobby, Booking that Adventure or course you've wanted to for a while now.

Or Intentions you want to live by more next year

To feel less Anxious, Rush around less, Feel able to Relax more, Play more, live a slower pace of life so that you savour the moment and truly enjoy all you have (your home, family, friends, nature) without the FOMO you get from the scroll you find yourself in on social media.

Having a Vision will ensure you are successful!

"If you can Dream it, you can Do it"

says Walt Disney

It can feel like MAGIC when all your hopes and dreams come true!

Many people believe the success of Vision Boards is due to the power of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction, manifestation claims that the universe has your back and you can co create with the universe. And it's true. You can!

But I like many others believe it's due to the power of the mind.

There's scientific based research to prove how having a vision focuses your subconscious mind.

You're harnessing the Power of Success Psychology

Your mind is so powerful that once you get really sure on what it is you want, and you bring emotion in by getting excited about it too, your subconscious mind will start to look for all the evidence and opportunities that are in line with that.

You notice your intuition, you feel more inspired and really obvious opportunities find you.

It's like having your own internal sat nav.

Because once you truly know what you want you start to think differently and notice opportunities to Be, Do and Have what you want in life

So the secret is to drum up the passion and excitement you have inside of you!

Start programming your subconscious mind to go after what you REALLY want!

Set your subconscious sat nav and utilise that powerful subconscious part of your mind.

Confirmation Bias kicks in then.

For example, when you decide you want to buy a car.

You decide on a particular brand of red car.....And then suddenly you see them everywhere!!!

Your mind is alerting you to evidence that the decision you've made is a good one. It's focusing in on all the stuff that supports your decision.

It's alerting you to all that makes you feel more comfortable.

So now you know all this you can use this knowledge in your favour by:

Setting your Vision to:

  • Reclaim your life and all you want to Be, DO and Have in 2024

  • Take control of the Juggle of all the parts of you that make you who you are

  • Use your Time and Energy wisely and efficiently following your intuition and the inspiration you gain from feeling excited about your vision rather than aimlessly scrolling social media.

If you'd like to start thinking about your life and Deciding on your Vision for 2024

I can help you with my Vision Board Course

It includes 30 powerful Clarity Coaching questions to ensure you work out what it is you REALLY want so you can get Super Excited and Passionate about all you're going to Be, Do and Have in 2024.

Ready to harness the power of vision boarding so you can feel empowered and excited for 2024?

Explore the Vision Board Course and in 6 months time or less you can also be celebrating the wins that come with having a clear vision like Lucie has.

Let's harness the power of your mind and make your 2024 amazing!

Chat soon,


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