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Vision Board Course

Envision the life you'd love to live & bring it into your reality

It’s so possible to turn your dreams into reality.

But you can’t just hope and wish it’ll all happen for you. You have to put the effort into making your life look and feel how you want it to.

My Vision Board Course helps you to:

* Feel Excited for your future and Brave enough to Dream Big, 

* Get Clear on the details of what you really want from life,

* Create a vision board to be by your side to inspire, motivate and make you feel good every day.


Choose the one to one call with me option

to get help to complete your board & create a great action plan to bring it all to life!

The Dream & Do Community offers you:

Ongoing coaching support from me, group camaraderie and accountability. It's a powerful way to ensure you stay on track and achieve all you want to Be, Do & Have.

Next In Person Workshop

Date TBC for April 2024

Email me for more info.

Start bringing your Dream Life Alive today!

The best way to predict your future is to Create it

What  you get with my Vision Board Course

  • Instant access Online Course with all you need to know to create your Vision Board

  • Clarity coaching exercise, Meditation & Visualisation audios to help you uncover your true desires, Dream big and set your goals and intentions

  • Detailed workbook with Tools & Techniques to use regularly to ensure you take action and bring your dream life to reality

  • Live Pre workshop Zoom call so you can ask me anything before your workshop

  • Dedicated time, space with help and guidance to create and complete your Vision board at the In person Workshop. With refreshments and resources too!

  • Join the Dream & Do Collective for ongoing support, inspiration and encouragement from me and the community. Find out more here

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Hello, I'm Rebecca

I've always been keen to make changes to my lifestyle to ensure I'm enjoying it as much as I can.

Since I became a life coach I've got much better at looking ahead and making time to think about what I really want and need to be the happiest version of me.

And that has included creating and using a Vision Board.

I update mine every 9 months currently but I refer to it at least weekly.

It's such a fab tool to keep you focused on what you want and need to thrive in life and it can help you to make the best use of your valuable time and energy.

I'd love to help you to harness the power of the vision board process too.

So I've created an online course and a community for you to take part in and curate one of your own. And you can attend an in person workshop too if you'd like to enjoy some time and space in the company of other people with all the resources and refreshments you need.

So , if you're ready to create your own vision board please do sign up using the links below. 

If you can Dream it, you can Do it

Walt Disney


How it works

Join the Vision Board Online Course with an in person Workshop. And join the Dream & Do Collective if you want more ongoing help and support too.


Once you've signed up you get an email confirming your booking.

A second email gives you access to the online course including your Clarity Coaching exercise, work book and meditation and visualisation audio files.

Workshops vary in location. You'll be aware of the location at your time of booking and you'll receive a third email with the address and directions and any other details. 

Online Course

Everyone gets access to the online portal which contains all the resources you need to create your vision board and use it effectively afterwards to make your dreams a reality.

The resources on the Online portal include:

* Meditation and Clarity Coaching questions to to help you uncover your true desires which will lead you to set heart led goals and intentions for your vision board

* Visualisation to help you Dream Big and discover more about what you want to be, do, have, experience leading you to create a really powerful vision board and feel motivated and inspired to use it effectively and feel excited to bring your vision to life

* Your ​Workbook with step by step information on how to create your vision board



Before you attend your workshop you'll be invited to a live call on Zoom which enables you to ask me anything you need to know so that you can come to the workshop with all you need to create a meaningful and powerful vision board that you love and will motivate you over the coming weeks and months to bring your dream life alive.

In Person Workshop

On the day of your Workshop you'll have a chance to talk with me and the other ladies about what has come up for you on the course, what your focus is for you board, what images, quotes and other things you've collected and you'll start creating your beautiful and very powerful vision board there and then.

You'll have access to resources ​such as pens, stickers, magazines on the day.

And some refreshments of course!

Before the day of your Workshop it's important to have completed the online course and started to collect what you need for your Vision Board so that you are ready to start arranging and sticking your physical board or dragging, dropping or pinning your online board.

Dream & Do Collective

Joining the community gives you access to the Facebook group and the Live Zoom calls. It's a really great way to ensure you remain motivated, inspired and continue to have the support, camaraderie and accountability you need to keep you on track and make your dreams a reality.

It's wonderful to join the Dream & Do community while you're super excited and motivated to keep up the momentum and achieve all you've dreamed of. 

There are 3 levels of support which you pay for monthly on a subscription basis. This allows you to stay as long as you wish with a cancel anytime policy. In addition to the monthly calls and the community Facebook group, you also have access to a 20% discount for any in person events and one to one clarity coaching sessions (while you're a member).

Monthly community calls online via zoom are available to all Dream & Do Collective members. They give you the chance to chat live about where you've got to with your Vision Board and what actions you're taking to manifest your intentions (how you want to feel) and goals (what you want to achieve).

I'll cheer you on and give you any support or help you need to move you forward. It's really encouraging to hear how others in the group are getting on too and what is working well for them.

Find out More about the Dream & Do Collective here

Facebook group

You'll receive weekly prompts on FB to remind, inspire and motivate you to check in with your board and take action to bring the plans you have to life. It's your place to chat, connect and ask for help in between the monthly zoom calls.

Join Today & Start creating a life you love!

Click to Sign up 
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Master your Mojo

6 ways to Master your Mum Mojo 

Motherhood can feel overwhelming and all too much. 


Let me help you enjoy it more!

My Vision Board Course is right for you if you're feeling the:

✔ Need to make some plans to feel happier & fulfilled

✔ Lack of clarity & direction in life is getting you down

✔ Curious to work out what you want/need now & next

✔ Want some inspiration & motivation to move your forwards in life

It's not right for you if you:

​✔ Don't think your life can be improved

✔ You're not worried about where your life is heading

✔ Your lifestyle is perfectly balanced

✔ You feel happy, confident & fulfilled in life


"Success is 
Liking Yourself, Liking what you do,
and Liking how you do it"
~Maya Angelou

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Book a free call with me

I'd love to offer you a friendly call to chat about how you're feeling right now and whether my Vision Board course or another of my coaching courses is right for you.

You'll leave the call with some ideas on how to feel happier and enjoy your life more right now!

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