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Dream & Do Community

Bring You and Your Dreams ALIVE!

Women need Connection. We feel Better Together! 

Likeminded Women Lift each other Up! We Inspire, Motivate and egg each other on. 

Feeling Heard and Supported gives us Confidence to move forward with our Hopes and Dreams. And we make progress more quickly by sharing ideas too.

Women need Passions and Purpose. We need to feel ALIVE!

It’s wonderful to Wake Up and Feel Excited for the day ahead.

Exploring our Hopes, Dreams and Ideas in conversation with women in our community is so Empowering and Heartwarming.

Women need to feel Fulfilled and Proud of ourselves

To realise our Worth, be true to our Values and be a part of something that is bigger than ourselves by encouraging each other to Live a Life we Love.

The Dream & Do Community will help you Realise all of this and more.

You're Invited! Join Us!

Get Connected  today!

The best way to predict your future is to Create it

What 's Available within the Dram & Do Community

  • Join the online Community to give yourself a time in the month to check in on how you're feeling, recognise how far you've come, set yourself up to live by your intentions and move closer towards achieving your goals too. You'll be inspired and encouraged via the hive mind which is invaluable for knowing you're not alone and for new ideas!

  • Join the Collective to gain access to the membership portal and get monthly group coaching too. The portal offers you lots of practical Tools & Techniques, coaching exercises and seasonal inspiration to enable you to bring your dream life to reality. You get practical support from Rebecca, your Coach,  plus all the other women in the Community FB group and on both the monthly Community & Collective Calls.

  • Be the first to know: In person Seasonal Workshops to gain dedicated time and space in your diary to refine and refresh your plans. With refreshments and resources too! 

  • Ongoing accountability support and encouragement via the FB group with regular posts of tips and prompts for everyone in the Dream & Do membership.
  • Walkie talkie Voxer support alongside Dream & Do Collective membership.
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Hello, I'm Rebecca

I've always been keen to make changes to my lifestyle to ensure I'm enjoying it as much as I can.

Since I became a life coach I've got much better at looking ahead and making time to think about what I really want and need to be the happiest version of me.

And that has included creating and using a Vision Board. It's such a fab tool to keep you focused on what you want and need to thrive in life. It helps me to make the best use of my valuable time and energy.

I'd love to help you to harness the power of Vision Boarding, Planning tools and techniques and Mindset Coaching to ensure you can enjoy Life right now and bring your Dream life to Reality with ease.

The Dream & Do community is a wonderful group of Likeminded women within which you can feel supported and inspired and also take advantage of group coaching to help you curate your own Future Dream Life and start living a life you're super proud of. 

If you're ready to make your Dream Life a Reality please do sign up using one of the links below or email me at to book in for a zoom or in person chat. 


How it works

There are 2 levels of support to choose from when you Join Dream & Do

Level 1 - Dream & Do Community

Meet once a month on Zoom to Celebrate your Successes, Set your Goals for the coming month and feel accountable. Chat through anything you need help, an opinion or feedback on in order to succeed over the coming month.

£17 a month 

Level 2 - Dream & Do Collective - Community & Group Coaching programme

Dream & Do Zoom Community Call (as above)

Plus online portal of practical tools and techniques around having a growth mindset, setting goals and intentions in line with the seasons of the year and the season of live you're in right now too.


Action planning, time management and productivity techniques to help you manage the juggle so you can easily and effectively bring your dreams to life.

The group coaching Collective VIP calls help you apply the tools and techniques to your life so that nothing gets in the way of you bringing your dream life alive.

£47 a month


2024 Program for Level 2 - Dream & Do Collective 

Each month you'll be Empowered with new Tools, Techniques and Ideas to help you bring your Dreams Alive:

  • January - How I want to Feel Goals and Intentions setting exercise

  • February - Time Management & Effectiveness Tools and Techniques to manage the juggle of life

  • March - Setting Intentions for Spring, recognising and aligning with the energies of the new season

  • April - Growth mindset and spotting limiting beliefs such as procrastination, perfectionism

  • May - Creating powerful unique to you Affirmations & Mantras to use everyday.

  • June - working with end in mind. Getting what you need to get done before summer

  • July - How to manage the summer hols. What to focus on and what to let go of.

  • August - How and when to carve time out for you. Plus a meditation relaxation.

  • September - Rest & Refresh, set new autumn intentions, routines & rituals

  • October - Happy healthy habits and routines.

  • November - Last push & preparing for a calm xmas, enjoying the season, seeing joy, creating space, balance & boundaries.

  • December - Connecting to yourself and reviewing the year

Rebecca, your coach will take you through the topic and a group discussion follows.

Discussing the topics together as a collective enables us to learn from each others individual and unique thoughts and experiences.

£47 a month 

Free To Be Me (Deep Dive) - Hybrid coaching programme

Dream & Do Zoom Community Call (Monthly, as above)

Dream & Do Collective Group Coaching Zoom call (Monthly, as above)

Plus Free to Be Me online coaching program and 3x Zoom or In Person One to One confidential meetings to help you:

  • Create and integrate your own personalised plan and toolkit of Happy, Healthy Productivity Habits and Rituals & Routines to support your Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

  • Identify Your Values and strong beliefs so you can make choices and decisions with confidence and ease

  • Develop a strong belief and trust in yourself and feel fully empowered to go after all your goals and intentions with confidence.

  • Understand your triggers and communication style and your loved ones too so you can feel fully present, closer, well connected and harmonious in your relationships

And so much more!

You'll feel fully ALIVE & Proud of yourself for living a Life You LOVE! 

Visit Free to Be Me to find out more here

Ethos of the Dream & Do Collective

It's all about Dreaming Big, Achieving Goals and Feeling Fulfilled whilst also looking after your Physical, Mental and Emotional Health and Wellbeing. There's no hustle culture here!

Dream & Do Community Facebook Group

Joining the Community gives you access to the Facebook group. It's a really great way to connect with everyone to ensure you feel Excited, Motivated and Inspired. It'll give you the support, camaraderie and accountability you need to keep you on track and make your dreams a reality. It's your place to chat, connect and ask for help in between the monthly zoom calls.

In Person Workshops

In addition to the monthly calls and the Facebook group, you also have access to a 20% discount for any in person events and any additional one to one coaching sessions (while you're a member).

All monthly payments for the Dream & Do Community and the Collective are set up on a subscription basis which allows you to stay as long as you wish with a cancel anytime policy.

Join Today & Start creating a life you love!

Sign up by Clicking the button for the level of Support your need right now.

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Master your Mojo

6 ways to Master your Mum Mojo 

Motherhood can feel overwhelming and all too much. 


Let me help you enjoy it more!

The Dream & Do Community is right for you if you're feeling the:

✔ Need to feel more Balanced, Fulfilled & Connected

✔ Curious to work out what you want/need to do for you

✔ Lack of Clarity, Direction & Excitement in life is getting you down

✔ Want some inspiration & motivation to move you forwards so you can start living a life you love

It's not right for you if you:

​✔ Don't think your life can be improved

✔ You're not worried about where your life is heading

✔ Your lifestyle is perfectly balanced

✔ You feel happy, confident & fulfilled in life


"Success is 
Liking Yourself, Liking what you do,
and Liking how you do it"
~Maya Angelou

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Book a free call with me

I'd love to offer you a friendly call to chat about which level of the Dream & Do Collective is right for you. Or whether one of my Workshops or Courses is more suitable.

Click the button below to book your complimentary call.

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