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Mother and Daughter Love
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Clarity Call

Life is so Busy
& it can feel a lot sometimes!

You're often busy juggling!

Trying to find the balance between family, life, house work, all the to do's,

plus paid work too, is really difficult. It's easy to feel overwhelmed with the mental load and like there's no time for you! 


But it's super important to know what you need to Feel ALIVE so you can enjoy life to the max and so your loved ones gets the best of you too.

Book a Clarity Call.

It's a 60 minute coaching session to take you through each area of your life so you can take stock of how you're feeling right now, what is great in your life and what needs some help to be great again. 

Currently Only £55 

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Work out how to get your Zest for life back,

I'll help you uncover which areas of life you are finding most difficult right now, why and what you need to focus on so you can start to feel like you're rocking life and are able to take time out for you too.

You'll leave the call knowing:

  • What you need to do to feel life is more balanced, 

  • What you can do to feel happier, more at ease and in control of life.

  • Know how to feel more present an enjoy life now and feel excited for your future too

Sound like something you need right now?

What you go through on the call:​
  • How you feel in life right now

  • How each area of your life is feeling and what has changed

  • How happy and content you are in each area of your life

  • Which areas need more attention and which need less

  • What you need to focus on to feel more organised, in balance, have a sense of control and feel confident and have a zest for life again

  • What needs addressing so you can feel happier and more bonded and connected with your loved ones

  • How to go about making time for you, your interests and your friends

Let me help you get your sparkle back!

Don't struggle alone

13–21% of women experience depression at some time in the year after birth and approximately 13% experience anxiety in the year after birth, January 2017

This 60 minute coaching call is a great way to start: 

  • Finding your own unique way to feel happy, confident and at ease in life

  • Learning ways to quieten, question and re frame your inner critic to become your positive thinking inner champion

  • Speaking up about and working through the tricky parts of life rather than struggle on

  • Working through how to make time for yourself again

  • Making sure you start to feel more connected and bonded with yourself and your loved ones

Hello, I'm Rebecca

I know how it feels when life gets too much!

To feel so bogged down by all the responsibilities you have that it's hard to see or feel the joy!

But I was determined not to go through life feeling sad, grumpy and resentful. ​I'd always been into psychology and self development. So I decided to become a life coach and I'm so glad I did.

It opened up a whole new way of seeing the world and myself and it's such a passion and a privilege to share my knowledge with other women so they can find their own way to enjoy life more and to feel as happy, fulfilled and successful as I do now!

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"Rebecca has been fantastic in helping me manage the busy working mum juggle. I've now got several methods I use regularly to help me stay in control and on track with mum life! Thank you so much for all your help."


How it works:

It's important to take notice when you've not been feeling your best as there's lots you can do to get your zest for life back.

Here's how we go about this in a 60 minute clarity coaching call.

How You Feel 

You start by getting really clear on how you're feeling right now.

After a quick relaxation exercise I ask you questions which get you to focus on and be completely honest about how you're feeling.

You can tell me the good, the bad and the ugly in complete confidence as I'm here to listen, empathise and help you find a way forward to feel your super happy and best sparkly self.

You'll spend time celebrating all that is good and great in your life right now and how to start feeling super positive and grateful about your life each and every day.

Seven areas of focus
Next you think about the seven areas of life: physical, hormonal, emotional, social, cultural, economic and spiritual. All of which are likely to have been affected by you becoming a mother

I take you through each area using the wheel exercise so you can reflect on how satisfied or dissatisfied you currently are in each of these seven areas.

We talk through things you aren't happy with so you can get really clear on what is causing you to feel this way.

I ask you to decide how important each area is to improve in order for you to feel high vibe and happy and bonded with your loved ones.

Outcome of the call & next steps

Once you're clear on how you're feeling and which areas of your life need more or less attention I help you decide what you want to change or do differently and how to learn to accept some of the tricky inevitable parts of life too.

You leave the call with one or two goals, a list of To Do's and/or things to think about so you can move forward to start feeling super sparkly and amazing.

Sound good? Click the button below to get booked in.


This 90 minute clarity call is right for you if you're feeling the:

✔ Loss of your old, pre kid, fun self​

✔ Responsibility of life is getting you down

✔ Daily decision making and juggling is draining you

✔ Lack of me-time is making you feel resentful

✔ Tiredness and irritability is damaging your relationships

It's not right for you if you're:

​✔ Completely happy with your current life 

✔ Your lifestyle feels perfectly balanced

✔ Confident decision making means life feels easy

✔ You are taking plenty of time out for you

✔ You have positive thoughts and a healthy mindset

✔ You feel calm, fun and happy each day

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IG story - Google reviews (1).png
IG story - Google reviews.png
  • I'm not sure I'll manage to take the time out from my family
    Your family will benefit so much from you taking time out for yourself. Taking time out helps you to be the best Mum you can be. Coaching helps you to become the calm, confident, happy Mum you aspire to be and this will shine through to your family. So they will be calmer and happy too. Everyone wins!
  • How do I justify spending time and money on myself?
    If you're struggling you can't afford not to. You need to take care of yourself so that you have the physical and emotional energy to take care of your family. Your family will benefit too from the clarity and improved happiness you will get from coaching.
  • I know I need some me time but I’m nervous of change and the chaos it may cause
    As part of coaching you will work out what you and your family as a whole need and how you can implement that. It willl become clear how things work best for your whole family as well as how you can find the balance and take some time and space for you.
  • I’m worried it could be seen as a bit selfish to spend time and money on myself
    Self care is a priority. If we make time for ourselves to be calmer, happier and more confident others benefit as we show up as our best selves. Your happy vibe will rub off on everyone in your household.
  • How long is each session? ​
    Sessions are typically 60 minutes. Depending on what we are working on, sessions may last up to 90 minutes.
  • How frequent are sessions?
    I suggest weekly sessions to ensure you fully benefit from the programme but we can discuss what works best for you on a free Discovery Call. All sessions are booked a week in advance.
  • Do you offer online sessions?
    All my coaching sessions are held online. You will receive a secure link to your sessions.
  • What will I need for the first session? ​
    We can discuss this on a free Discovery call and once you enroll you will also receive detailed information in advance of our first session.
  • Do I receive any support in between the sessions?
    Yes you do. You can contact me via email which I access once a day. I will get back to you within 24 hours.
  • Can I cancel if I don't see the benefits?
    Although this has never happened, you can cancel by giving 7 days' notice and you will be refunded for any sessions that have not been provided.

What's the investment?


A 60 minute one to one clarity call just you and me to work through clarity coaching and wheel of life coaching exercises​.

Currently Only £55

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