Master your Mum Mojo with me

You've downloaded my free Master Your Mojo guide here

But you know you need to chat through all your thoughts and feelings so you know exactly how to move forward in order to love your life again.

Voice message support enables you to work through the whole guide with me.
We'll talk about it all so you're super clear on the mindset and lifestyle you can embrace in order to feel like a great mum and be more you again too!

Share what's happening and how you're feeling.

I'll listen, empathise, be your biggest cheerleader and guide you to feel more positive about yourself, your current situation and your life right now. So you can feel more at ease and more joyful in motherhood.

Sound good?

82% of Mums wanted to improve their Mum Mood. They recognised how not feeling their best affects their children and their partner.

(My Mum Mood Survey, March 2022 )

Chat openly and honestly about how you're feeling in the moment with me, Rebecca your coach. I totally understand what you're going through so you'll feel seen and heard and I'll coach you on how to feel great and love your life again!

• Discuss the personal challenges you're coming up against in private as they arise

Receive support individually tailored to you as and when you need it

• Learn to be kinder, value yourself more and celebrate all you do well

Work out how to take time out for yourself so you can rest and relax which enables you to be the best Mum you can be

•Be reminded of how to support yourself when you're not feeling your best self

Discover what's holding you back from mastering your mindset and your mojo

Having me as your coach to help you achieve all of this will ensure you get the most from this guide

I didn't find motherhood easy at all. I was so anxious to be a great Mum that I put far too much pressure on myself. I was my own harshest critic!

​I often felt lonely on my own for hours with just my little one. I craved more nourishing, supportive chats with other likeminded Mums. The quick "Hi, how are you?" chat before baby class just wasn't enough for me.​​

So I'm super happy to be able to help you feel calmer, more confident and more supported
via my Master Your Mojo guide. So you can feel more at ease and more joyful in motherhood.​

And I love to get to know you individually and support you in a way that's tailored to you because you deserve to explore what you need for you with someone that cares about you and your mental health.​

So don't be shy! Sign up for voice note support or a 45 minute call with me over zoom.

90% of mothers feel lonely after having children. 87% of mothers feel guilty.

Channel Mums, March 2018

Download my free guide here

Download the Voxer walkie talkie app

Talking or texting in the moment as and when you have the time and space is a great way to share how you're feeling and what's happening for you. I can get a really good feel for how I can best support you and reply within 24 hours Monday to Friday with a super supportive voice note back.

It can feel difficult to make time and space to join calls or write emails but with voice note support you can have me in your pocket and share your thoughts and feelings right there and then in the moment.

What to expect with Voice note support :

I'm holding space for you to ensure you feel heard, understood and supported and know it's not just you that finds motherhood a lot! You can message me at any time of the day or night.

Leave me a voice note of up to 5-10 mins max and I will respond within 24 hours Monday through to Friday.​​I'll listen, empathise, support and guide you by asking you questions that help you to think things through and work things out.​

Will what I say be recorder or shared?

These messages are private between you and I. The information won't be shared with or revealed to anyone else

6 ways to Master your Mum Mojo

Motherhood can feel overwhelming and all too much.

Let me help you enjoy it more!

Voicenote support is right for you if you're feeling the:

Need to feel less overwhelmed or anxious

✔ Lack of me-time is getting you down. You feel lost!

✔ Curious to reflect on your motherhood experiences

✔ Want some one to one support and guidance

It's not right for you if you:

Don't think being a Mum is a big deal

✔ You're not interested in talking about motherhood

✔ Your lifestyle is perfectly balanced

✔ You take plenty of time out for you

What do I need to do to sign up to get voice note support?

Click here to register and make payment. Download Voxer for free here and find me at Rebecca Hogan Coach for Mums and we can get chatting. I'll respond within 24 hours Monday to Friday.

Book a free call with me

I'd love to offer you a friendly call to chat about whether voice note support, the Mama Cocoon, or my Free Your Mind in Motherhood coaching course is right for you.

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