Frequently asked questions

I'm not sure I'll manage to take the time out from my family

Your family will benefit so much from you taking time out for yourself. Taking time out helps you to be the best Mum you can be.

Coaching helps you to become the calm, confident, happy Mum you aspire to be and this will shine through to your family. So they will be calmer and happy too.

Everyone wins!

How do I justify spending time and money on myself?

If you're struggling you can't afford not to.

You need to take care of yourself so that you have the physical and emotional energy to take care of your family.

Your family will benefit too from the clarity and improved happiness you will get from coaching.

I know I need some me time but I’m nervous of change and the chaos it may cause

As part of coaching you will work out what you and your family as a whole need and how you can implement that.

It will become clear how things work best for your whole family as well as how you can find the balance and take some time and space for you.

I’m worried it could be seen as a bit selfish to spend time and money on myself

Self care is a priority. If we make time for ourselves to be calmer, happier and more confident others benefit as we show up as our best selves.

Your happy vibe will rub off on everyone in your household.

How long is each session? ​

Sessions are typically 60 minutes.

Depending on what we are working on, sessions may last up to 90 minutes.

How frequent are sessions?

I suggest weekly sessions to ensure you fully benefit from the programme but we can discuss what works best for you on a free Discovery Call.

All sessions are booked a week in advance.

Do you offer online sessions?

All my coaching sessions are held online.

You will receive a secure link to your sessions.

What will I need for the first session? ​

We can discuss this on a free Discovery call and once you enroll you will also receive detailed information in advance of our first session.

Do I receive any support in between the sessions?

Yes you do. You can contact me via email which I access once a day. I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Can I cancel if I don't see the benefits?

Although this has never happened, you can cancel by giving 7 days' notice and you will be refunded for any sessions that have not been provided.

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