Natalie shares how she's gained so much from coaching - Confidence, Self belief and more!

December 12, 20232 min read

I followed Rebecca on Instagram and she became a familiar face on the school run. I felt drawn in and felt like I would be in safe hands after watching Rebecca’s videos there.

I started to want to change things for the better.

"I realised I was feeling stuck and that I really needed and wanted to find myself again."

Nothing was wrong with my life but I decided I no longer wanted to just be a mum. I needed to gain my identity back. It's time for me now too!

I had heard about visions boards and life coaching working for other people. I had nothing to lose with trying it out for myself.

"Rebecca’s coaching has been the lifeline I didn’t know I needed."

"I feel seen, heard and supported and because of this I feel so much stronger."

I know I can achieve the goals I have set for myself.

And I know I will make more goals moving forward.

What has helped me the most is learning how to manage all the things I have on my mind all the time. My brain is non-stop with the making of lists and plans for my children.

Rebecca has helped me to focus on what I needed to be doing for myself. We dug into how I was feeling and she helped me work out why I was feeling this way and how normal it is. Then we discussed what my goals could be and how could I achieve them.

The encouragement and reassurance I received from Rebecca helped me realise that I am not being selfish putting myself first for once. And that in fact by doing so my children would only even benefit from me being a happier version of myself.

"My happiness is important too."

I've gained so much!

Self belief. Actionable plans. New friends and support. Confidence.

All by making Goals which are achievable and make me feel happy and proud of myself and hopeful for my future too.

I can't wait for the next Dream & Do Community meet up and see where 2024 takes me.

If you'd like to explore who you want to be in 2024

and how you can make changes to Be, Do and Have all you want check out my Vision Board Course and the Dream & Do Collective.

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