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How to feel less taken for granted & more valued as a Mum

You will always be home to your children.

You comfort them and inspire them like no other.

Being a Mum is the greatest role in the world!

So let’s value Motherhood more!

You might not still be that exact same sexy, successful, carefree woman you were in your 20’s and 30’s but you can still take action everyday to value who you are now as a Mother.

“Your value is yours alone to decide” Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, Mama Rising

You get to decide how you feel about yourself and your role in life right now.

When I became a mum, like many others before me I tried to do it all and have it all. I was so driven to prove to everyone that I could be who I was before AND a great Mum.

I tried to just add Mum to the long list of roles I played. To still see all my friends and host my family for lavish lunches and earn my own money too.

But being a Mum is a lot. A full time job on it’s own. It was harder than I expected it to be.

Feminism taught us that we don’t have to limit ourselves to being chained to the kitchen sink. That we can do and be more than just a wife and a mother. But it’s a bit more complex than that.

Don’t we also want to give ourselves the opportunity to really embrace motherhood?

To fully experience it and enjoy it?

To put down all our big ambitions for a little while to take care of our babies in their first year at least?

How about we actually spend some time to get to grips about what being a mother has changed for us and within us?

Have a think about how you feel about yourself, your social life, your work?

What do you feel most passionate about now?

What do you need to feel 'successful' as a woman?

If you feel called to get back to work and earn your own money again. Is it your own personal deep desires and passion, a necessity or a part of the programming we've been exposed to from childhood?

I believe only once we are truly ready and stirred by something should we start to think about what else we feel called to do in addition to looking after our new family members.

Then and only then should we explore it more.........

Ask yourself:

  • What do I feel called to do next?

  • What is it I'm craving? Is it a hobby or a career or just more connection?

  • What would the ideal lifestyle be now?

  • Do I want the same career or do I feel differently now? Do I enjoy my work?

  • Is it worth the time away from my family?

  • Could both my husband and I flex things so that we have the best lifestyle that suits us all?

  • How much time can I manage to be away from my children, what will work best for the whole family?

Give some real thought to it rather than rushing back and adding all that you were doing before on top of motherhood.

“It is our attachment to our beliefs about the role of mother and wife that causes us the most pain” Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, Mama Rising

So let’s dig into those beliefs.

What are your beliefs around what a good mother is?

What are your beliefs around what a successful woman is?

Question your beliefs and use the answers we find from within ourselves to help us get the right balance in life now we're a Mother too.

It's so powerful to do this!

I realised I really needed a creative outlet and more connection with other Mums like me. I also wanted to earn my own money but still be able to flow between work and family life with ease. To be able to be flexible in how and when I worked and how much depending on what else was going on eg. work less in summer and more in winter.

I help my clients to work through all this and get clear on what it is they really want and need now they're a Mum.

It’s amazing how much more confident, at ease and happy you feel after answering these questions for yourself. And the good vibes you feel flows through to your relationships with your children and your partner too.

If you're interested in working with a coach like me who can help you to look at things from a new and fresh perspective have a read about my wheel of life coaching call by clicking here as there's a great summer offer on right now.

You can get in touch at and ask me anything.

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