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Vision Boarding your way to a Happy, Confident You!

Hands up if this is you:

  • There's a million things going on in your head,

  • Your days are so busy with all the things to do

  • You don't really know what makes you happy

  • But you know that you could feel happier and more at ease than you do right now.

Too often I hear women, especially Mums, saying they have no time for themselves or that when they do have some spare time, they end up doing jobs at home, rather than something that is truly for them!

Do you know why you fall into this pattern of behaviour?

It's most likely to be because it feels uncomfortable to you to take time out for you when there's lots of jobs to do. But there will always be jobs to do!

The secret is to get your mindset on track to help you to consciously choose you and your relaxation and pleasure time.

And you need to feel you truly deserve to take some time for you too!

Coaching with me helps you to dive into your own unique reasons why you find this hard to do because we all have fears, memories, stories we tell ourselves and patterns of behaviour that aren't supporting us to be and feel our best selves.

You can find out more about my coaching here.

But if you're not ready for that....

You can shift your subconscious thoughts to support you more by creating

A Vision Board!

A Vision Board helps you to:

  • Get really clear on what you love and what makes you happy

  • Stop wasting time wondering what to do with your time when you do get it

  • Be reminded of what you want every day by looking at your board

  • Feel inspired and motivated to make it all happen

  • Feel confident and empowered that you are on your own true path

  • Feel happy and ease knowing that it's all for the taking and you can make it happen

What you need to do before you create your Vision Board:

  • Take some time to get to know yourself each day - Spend 5 mins everyday checking in with yourself - How you're feeling?

  • Work out what you need and want to Be, Do, Have in your life. What would make you happy? What do you find relaxing, fun, exciting?

  • Spend time visualising your perfect day and how you'd feel - you can do this in bed, in the shower, while cooking the dinner

  • Read, Listen or Watch inspiring books, podcasts, TV shows

  • Dream Big! Don't limit yourself!

It's really simple but so powerful to make time to do all this.

You get more conscious about what makes you happy

You're setting your subconscious sat nav to get you there.

And you get to have fun creating a visually attractive, inspiring and motivating board that you can look at everyday physically and digitally.

Are you sold on making a Vision Board now?

If that's a Yes! Fantastic!

I've got the perfect workshop for you - check it out here

And here on Instagram you can see a copy of mine for 2023 here

Do get in touch via Instagram @rebeccahogancoach or email if you have any questions.

Happy Vision Boarding!


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