6 steps to Master your Mum Mojo & Feel Good in Motherhood

March 21, 20232 min read

Motherhood isn't easy!

So many Mums are struggling with the juggle.

💖 Do you set yourself too much to do in a day?

💖 Do you feel like you're never on top of things?

💖 Do you often feel guilty and generally a bit crap about yourself because you feel like you're the only one that isn't acing life and motherhood right now?

If so this guide is for you!

This guide will help you to Feel Good about yourself and your life right now

Download it here

It's time to turn down the volume on your Inner Critic

And Find more JOY in motherhood.

We all feel guilt. It can be a good motivator.

But if you're constantly feeling:

😔 Guilty about not spending enough quality time with your kids

😔 Not good enough as you haven't cooked and cleaned enough this week

😔 Not successful enough in work

Then your inner mean mama is in overdrive and it's time to dial her down!

How you think and talk about yourself really makes a difference to how you feel.

So to master our mojo we need to be our own cheerleader and talk to ourselves like we do our children and our best friends.

Not just for our own sake either!

Remember that your children are watching and listening to you too!

What are you modelling for them?

Download Master your Mum Mojo - 6 steps to Find your me & Feel Good in Motherhood - by clicking here!

"Everything starts with how you feel about yourself.

Start feeling worthy, valuable and deserving of receiving the best life has to offer."

Vybe Source

So I encourage you to download the guide, make yourself a cup of your favourite brew and take 5 to feel better about your life right now.

Let me know how you get on @rebeccahogancoach over on Instagram or

Email me at [email protected]

You deserve to feel great about yourself and to enjoy motherhood to the full.

Enjoy reading the guide,


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