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Christmas survival tips to help you Master your Mum Mojo

The Christmas build up is starting! Here's ten tips to help you really enjoy it rather than feel stressed and strained by it.

Tip 1 - Lists are your best friend

There's far too much to keep in your head so make sure to write it all down so that you can keep your head free and not waste time and energy trying to remember everything.

I write a list for all the things we love to do and what I need to book e.g. panto. It's great to make this list together as a family so you know you have booked all the must do's.

I also write a present ideas list with everyone listed so I don't forget anyone and I add what I've bought so that I don't go crazy and buy too much.

Tip 2 - Go digital

Use your emails online calendar function to schedule everything so that you can make sure your partner, friends and family have the same dates and times and location info as you do.

Then there's no confusion and they don't need to keep asking you for the details.

I find It's best to put the maybes in your online diary too as so you don't get a clash days later when you only realise you've given the date to two people once they both confirm! It's so tricky having to start the "when are you free?" conversations all over again.

Oh and add a note for next October to book your online food shopping slot. I missed out this year so I'll be wheeling the trolley around myself this year - doh!!

I'm also making sure that my present list is digital this year too so that it's always with me on my phone and I can keep it up to date when I'm out shopping. Ideas come to me in all different situations so it's great to just pop them on the list so I can shop for them later.

You can pull it out next year too which means you don't have to wrack your brain starting from scratch every year. So you're less likely to forget someone each year too.

If you still send cards, I do, then maybe this year type up all your addresses onto a label template so that you don't have to hand write them this year or in future.

Tip 3 - Book in your at home rituals too.

Rest days watching Christmas movies, decorating the tree together, wrapping presents and baking are all lovely traditions that we need to save time in our diary for.

It's a shame to rush them or end up doing it all by yourself.

It's great entertainment for the kids and lovely family bonding time too. Make some hot chocolate and eat some Christmas goodies and really enjoy the build up to Christmas all together.

Tip 4 - Avoid FOMO (fear of missing out) and Comparisonitits

There's so many activities on offer and things to do and people you could see at Christmas. But it's impossible to do it all. Money, time and energy are finite resources so make sure you're confident you're doing your favourite ones and keep reminding yourself of that.

Anything you're not doing could go on the digital list to be considered next year.

Tip 5 - Have any difficult conversations now

Is there anything you're worried about or want to do differently this year?

Have those conversations now!

Do you want to:

- Stop buying pressies for certain people

- Not have the Uncle round that gets too drunk

- Prefer to stay at home rather than go to so and so's house for the big day

- Don't want to eat meat/ turkey this year

Whatever you're thinking you wish you could do differently tell the people that need to know now.

And on the day be sure to use compassion and humour to lighten any awkward situation.

Tip 6 - Christmas is for Mums too! So make sure you have things to look forward to as well

Book your Mums night out. Have a Christmas lunch with your besties.

And start noting down things you'd like for Christmas too.

Are you running out of perfume, make up, is there something you can ask to be bought for Christmas or a voucher for an experience so you can treat yourself in 2023. Maybe a spa membership or a course you'd love to do.

Drop the links to your nearest or dearest in advance or when asked. People love to buy for you too remember.

Tip 7 - Look after yourself

As we get busier we can forget to drink enough water, eat healthily as well as eat chocolate (yum), miss that exercise class or social event so we can get more jobs done. But don't! Ask for help instead so that your list isn't just your list.

Tip 8 - Ask for help

Don't be a martyr! Be a model for your kids too. Practice team work.

Get the kids and other family members involved with all the jobs and cooking before the day and on the day. Get some music on and have some fun peeling the veg, laying the table. Try giving people specific tasks. Make sure your partner knows what you're expecting them to do eg take peoples coats, serve the drinks, carve the meat, help serve up. He loves to help but often he needs to be asked.

Tip 9 - Don't sweat the small stuff. It doesn't have to be perfect or just so

People just want to enjoy the day and the company. So don't put too much pressure on yourself. It's a shame to feel stressed or worry about what people think when you're meant to be relaxing and having fun.

Tip 10 - Take 5 when you need to

Christmas fun can feel like Christmas chaos and it can get too much. So know how to take yourself away and decompress when you need to.

Need some more help to do all this?

Get in touch on

I'd love to help you.

Here's to Christmas 2022.

Wishing you all the best.

Take care,


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