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Set yourself up for 2023 gently with the all important January pause.

Happy New Year!

How are you?

If you're anything like me then you're tired and have tons of things you want and need to get sorted out.

Finally the kids are back in school!

So you can get on with 2023 right?

But if we’re not careful we just jump from one busy period to another.

From Christmas to..... birthday planning, house decluttering, a new health regime, career progression.

But it's still winter. Nature is quiet.

It's time to pause, reflect and celebrate all we've achieved in 2022 first.

Rather than dash off and put tons of energy we don't yet have into the next thing, let's acknowledge what a great time we’ve had over the holidays and what a great job we did first.

Then we can think about what we really want to put our time and energy into.

That's how we can make 2023 even better than 2022!

Better doesn't have to mean more or now

More doesn't always lead to better as we end up rushing from one thing to another and then it's hard to experience the joy of everything.

And you don't have to feel in a rush to do everything now either. You've got 12 months. If your energy is low in the cold and darker months just start planning now for springing into action when the weather gets better and the light returns.

It's so powerful to first take a pause and think about what makes you happy and what was great about 2022.

You get to feel all the feels then!

Joy, pride, gratitude, contentment. There's so much to feel good about.

And it also gives us a great grounding from which to recognise what we want to fit into 2023. What's important and also what isn't.

So if you want to stop and pause in January, here's how to go about it:

  1. Pat yourself on the back and recognise your value, the roles you played in 2022 and what a bloody good job you did of making magic over Christmas and the holiday period.

  2. Think about what made 2022 special? What was worth the effort and what could you have made easier and put less time and money into?

  3. Think about how you could take these learnings into 2023.

  4. How do you feel right now in January and what do you need now to feel your best self?

Most Mums are super tired at this time of year.

It’s time we honoured and rewarded ourselves more. We deserve something for us now the holiday celebrations are over and the world is getting back to normal.

What will you do for you to nurture and nourish yourself and get your energy back?

Here's some ideas:

- Peaceful and luxurious breakfast or coffee

- Relax with a blanket and a book

- Gentle Yoga stretches or relaxing meditation

- Call or visit a close friend or relative

I’ve got 2 more suggestions for you!

Mama Cocoon, our online community meet up

Come and visit us on 11th or 12th January.

We talk about how we're feeling in motherhood and you can bring up whatever you need to, to help you feel lighter and more at ease.

However you're feeling it won't be just you feeling this way.

You'll feel supported and understood and more positive about yourself and your role as a mum.

Or if you're ready to put a gentle plan together to help you nurture and nourish yourself so you're feeling your best self by spring join the us on my challenge.

Find your Me in Motherhood challenge

It will help you get your life back but better. You'll spend time thinking about how you feel and how you want to feel as well as what you want to spend your precious time and energy on and what you don't.

This challenge will help you plan all the things you want to do in 2023 but also recognise the things you don't want to do or want to do less of so you have the energy for the things that bring you most joy and happiness.

The bonuses include a free call with me, a future you visualisation and a meditation to soothe and calm you whenever you need it.

It's all about going gently mama.

Take care whatever you decide to do for you this January

Wishing you all the best,


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