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Find Your ME in Motherhood

Feel Your Best Self again

There's a lot to juggle when you're a Mum!
You can't quite believe how little time you get for yourself these days.
You often feel tired and just not quite yourself any more.
You'd love to get your sparkle back.
And find your way of being you, a great Mum and a great partner too.
Join my mini group course for just £47 and find out how to
Get Your Life Back, But Better!
We start on 17th January 2023

It's not just you that's finding Motherhood hard!

43% of mothers reported feeling completely burnt out during the pandemic in March of 2021 and 38% reported feeling the same way in March of 2022.
Stay-at-home mothers reported even higher levels of burnout with 55% reporting they “always” or “frequently” feel burnt out)
Motherly’s 2022 State of Motherhood Survey Report, April 2022

Do you feel:​

  • Fed up of waking up feeling tired or fed up everyday

  • A need to have a bit more time to yourself

  • Unsure what to do about it or what you can fit in right now

  • You want to get your sparkle back and feel your best self again

Let me help you

Join the group challenge to find your me in motherhood

  • Connect with other Mums of all ages and stages who understand how you’re feeling right now

  • Work out what you need to show up as your best self 

  • Discover how to nurture and nourish yourself in ways that fit in with your life as a Mum

  • Elevate your energy levels and feel more positive about your life right now

  • Encourage and motivate each other to make it all happen

Don't struggle alone

90% of mothers feel lonely after having children. 87% of mothers feel guilty.
Channel Mums, March 2018
Hello, I'm Rebecca

I didn't find it easy being a stay at home Mum. After fertility struggles I expected life to be amazing. I was finally a Mum!


My daughter was full of fun and life but I felt it wasn't enough. At times I was anxious that I wasn't doing a good enough job (Oh the Mum guilt!). But at other times I felt really bored. I had this niggling feeling. A need to do something more.

I realised I needed more connection with other adults, particularly other women. I wanted to make a difference by helping woman that felt like I did. So I became a life coach and now I get to help other woman enjoy life and motherhood as much as I do now!

Rebecca Hogan

"I was feeling overwhelmed and fatigued with a lack of self care in my new role as a mother.

During the coaching sessions with Rebecca I was able to shed light on how I could shift things. I had more clarity and tools that I could implement. Rebecca was supportive and very encouraging throughout."

LUCY, Mum of 1

How it works

Be guided, supported and inspired by taking part in a 3 day group challenge that empowers you to find your Me in Motherhood
You'll work out how to get your life back but better by embracing being a great Mum and being a woman in your own right too.
Online Group Calls
You'll have access to a total of 3 live zoom calls of approximately 30 minute each where I take you through the challenge and you get to chat through your thoughts and findings in the live chat.
Online membership site
You'll get access to all the call recordings and worksheets so you can access them anytime.
You can also share your thoughts and findings with me via the online forms so that you can be entered into the prize draw to win one of three fab prizes.
Final celebration call

We'll come together on day 4 to celebrate all we've discovered and decided upon and find out who has won the prizes.

Fran, mum of twins

"I found my sessions with Rebecca extremely helpful and I had some big realisations during our time working together.

Rebecca's approach is gentle and kind, asking the right questions and making me reflect on my thoughts and emotions. She gave me some useful tips and tangible things to work on in between our sessions, which was very helpful indeed.

FRAN, Mum of twins

Me In Motherhood

LIVE Group Challenge

Day 1: Tuesday 17th January

You'll be thinking about how you feel right now and why.

Day 2: Wednesday 18th January

You'll be dreaming about how you want to feel and will get really motivated to make your dream a reality​.

Day 3: Thursday 19th January

You'll make a plan to get your sparkle back and start feeling your best self again.

You'll also be made fully aware of what might try and stop you achieving your dream so that you know how to move forward despite of that.

Day 4​: Friday 20th January

We'll get together to celebrate all we've learnt about ourselves and find out who has won the fabulous prizes

In 4 days you'll know what to do to:

Feel your best self and sparkle again!

Feedback from previous challenge:

Feel Your Best Self again (1).png

This group challenge is right for you if you're feeling the:

✔ Loss of your old, pre kid, sparkly self

✔ Responsibility of parenting is wearing you out

✔ There's no time for you

✔ Tiredness and irritability is damaging your relationships with your kids & your partner

It's not right for you if you're:

​✔ Completely happy with your current life 

✔ Your lifestyle feels perfectly balanced

✔ You are taking plenty of time out for you

✔ You feel calm, fun and happy each day

What's the investment

4 live group calls held on zoom at 1pm on:

Tuesday 17th, Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th & Friday 20th January 2023

Me in Motherhood call recordings and worksheets accessible online.

Opportunity to win one of 3 fab prizes

Submit your worksheets by 11am on 20th January 2023

Only £47

(payable by 11am on Monday 21st November 2022)

Rebecca Hogan Coaching

Book a free discovery call

Let's have a chat to see if my group coaching programme is right for you.

I look forward to connecting with you!