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The 3 ways to ensure you make your Me-Time happen

There's three things which you need to think about to ensure you make time for yourself - Routines, Habits and Mindset.

In this blog I'll talk about them all together to help you busy Mums make your Me time happen really easily.

So up first is:


Unless your head is in the right place you won't make time for yourself. That's true for the majority of Mums.

You'll rush around trying to do everything for everyone else thinking I'll relax after everything is done. But you know what that means don't you. You'll just collapse in front of the TV at the end of the day feeling so tired and then wake up and do it all again the next day.

Is that what you want? Is that helping you to be the calm, fun, happy Mum you aspire to be? No! Probably not!

So start rethinking how you do things and set your mind up for success by realising that the reason you need to take time out is for the good of the whole family. So that they get the high vibe, happy Mum rather than the stressed out, super tired Mum each day. Have a read on more about this here

So now you have the right mindset and are truly motivated to take your Me-Time you need to start to make some small changes to your life each day which is where Routines and Habits come in.


If you're struggling to see how you can fit some Me-Time in get a structure of the day down on paper or in your phone and find a time for each thing you want to get done. It's best to get started by making a list of all your To Dos first and then start work on creating a routine that works for you.

It's really worth taking a step back and a little bit of time out to do this as you'll feel so much more capable and in control afterwards and super chuffed that you've carved some time out for yourself too!!

You can read about this more here


Healthy Me-Time habits really do make you feel happier and more fulfilled in life. The secret is to choose something small to get started with that really makes you feel good. If you enjoy it that really helps too.

I've written a blog which give you 6 top tips to getting started and there's loads of ideas for you to try with or without the kids. They're really simple ideas such as thinking about what you're grateful for each day at breakfast or dinner. Or having a list of great positive "I am" statements framed in the kitchen. You can read more here.

Just think how great it would feel to be doing more each week for yourself and you whole family to feel great mentally and physically.

I hope this has helped you think about how you and your family can feel more positive with some small changes.

If you need more help, make sure you join Be Me and Mum my Facebook group for lots of help and advice and live chats on Wednesdays at midday.

Or get in touch and have a chat about my coaching programmes to get you all sorted and set up in just 6 weeks.

Wishing you a wonderful week,



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