Get Clear & Confident on your Priorities & how to spend your Time & Energy

The Juggle is real! There's so much going around your head and so much you want to get done! But you can't do it all!​

Join me to get clear and confidence on what your priorities are and how to best spend your time and energy!​

Take some time out of your usual day to day life and leave feeling clear, confident and excited for the coming weeks and ready to live life to the full!

Event location:

Rebecca Hogan Coaching, Wokingham, Berkshire

"Such a lovely afternoon.

I was different at home after, felt more like me. More energy and fun."​


  • • Get together in person to think about all areas or your life and which are a priority now

  • • Learn tips & techniques to make the most of the time and energy you have

  • • Enjoy chatting to likeminded women over plenty of tea, coffee and snacks

  • • Know you're not alone in how you feel right now and have the support of other women

  • • Be guided through your workbook and how to put the tips & techniques into practice

  • • Complete the workbook and leave with an action plan personalised to you so you can feel good and excited for the coming weeks

I love working out how we can make the most of the time and energy we have. And I love to help my clients get their sparkle back by finding their own unique way to live a life that makes them feel fabulous.​

As women we can find ourselves split across lots of roles and responsibilities. And wonder how on earth we can make our dream lives come true!​

So, to help you reset and find your flow I'd love you to join me to work out what you need so you can flow between work life, family life and anything else that is important to you right now.​

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It's time to make the magic happen

Once you've signed up you get an email confirming your booking and all you need to know. You'll get a separate email with access to your workbook to use in the Workshop nearer the time.​

Your workbook will help you on the day and be your guide afterwards too. ​

There's also a goodie bag with treats to take home.

Join Us and create a life you love

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6 ways to Master your Mum Mojo

Motherhood can feel overwhelming and all too much.

Let me help you enjoy it more!

A Get Back on Track event is right for you if you're feeling the:

Desire to feel happy & confident but aren't right now

✔ Calm & in control of your life

✔ Curious to work out what you want/need to make time for everything there is to do over the coming weeks

✔ Want some inspiration & motivation to help you feel feel good about your day, your life, yourself

It's not right for you if you:

Don't think your life can be improved

✔ You're not worried about where your life is heading

✔ Your lifestyle is perfectly balanced

✔ You feel happy, confident & fulfilled in life

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