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Get Set for September Retreat

Set Yourself up for Success post the holidays

Join us for an in person meet up to utilise the 'Get Back on Track' new school year vibes. Whether you're a Mum or not you can take advantage of this feeling and season.

I'll guide you to get the clarity, confidence, time and energy you need

to focus on what you want to achieve in your life right now.

So you can end this year on a high!

Amy will treat you to an immersive, super relaxing and healing sound bath so you float home for a calm evening and a great nights sleep.

You'll feel restored and ready to take action on your plans the next day.

Join us and get motivated to go after what you want

Get Set for September Event location:
Forest Park Community Centre, Bracknell, Berkshire

"It was a lovely morning, guided by Rebecca and I got such a lot of out of it.

It made me see where I want to go and what I want to do

and I came away feeling calmer."

Laura Summers

What  we'll do to Get Set for September

  • Take some time out with other inspiring women to dream about how you want to feel and what you want to achieve this autumn

  • Learn tips & techniques to get clear, confident and excited that you know how to make the most of the time and energy you have and can achieve what you want to this year

  • Work through the workbook to put the tips & techniques you've learnt into practice so that you know how you're going to make it all happen before you go home

  • Relax with a soothing sound bath experience and leave feeling refreshed and excited for the autumn and more connected with other local women too

Click  to Join us

Rebecca Hogan Life Coach




Hi, I'm Rebecca

I love working out how to make the most of the time and energy we have. So we can achieve all we want to and enjoy fun, family and fulfillment through our work, parenting, hobbies or a combination of them all.

As women we can find ourselves split across lots of roles and responsibilities. And wonder how on earth we can make our dream lives come true!

So, Amy and I have designed a really helpful and relaxing in person retreat for you to enjoy to help you reset and find your flow post the summer holidays.

We'd love you to join us on Saturday 9th September to work out what you need flow between work life, family life and to have some fun along the way too.

You can sign up using the link below. 

Amy is a Fitness & Sound Healing Instructor and you can

find out more about her here

Utilise the new year feeling this September

Whether you're a Mum or not you can use the back to school vibes to set you up for success and end the year on a high!

How it works


Once you've signed up you get an email confirming your booking and all the details you need to join us on the day

Outline Agenda - Get Set for September Retreat - Saturday 9th September 2023

12 - Arrival drink & snack

Get to know the others and get relaxed and ready for a great afternoon

They'll be refreshments available throughout the day too

12.15 -  Get Set for September Masterclass by Rebecca Hogan Coach

Get Clear and Confident on what you want to focus on this Autumn and how you can make it all happen too. I'll share my tips and techniques on how to use your time and energy in a way that makes you feel fulfilled and winning in life.

1pm Workshop with tea and snacks

Take your workbook (issued on the day) and follow the prompts to write down how you're going to implement what you've just learnt in the masterclass. 

Your workbook contains all you need on the day and will be your guide afterwards too. 

2.00 Sharing Ideas & more tea!

2.30 Sound Bath Experience with Amy

3.30 Tea, Treat and Goodbyes

Get excited & go after what you want this September


Click the button below to Sign Up 

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Master your Mum Mojo

6 ways to Master your Mum Mojo 

Motherhood can feel overwhelming and all too much. 


Let me help you enjoy it more!

Get Set for September is right for you if you're feeling the:

✔ Drive to get back on track with life in September

✔ Need to tidy things up & Get on with your plans

✔ Desire to use your time & energy more wisely

✔ Want some inspiration & motivation to achieve what you need to feel more fulfilled & successful in life

It's not right for you if you:

​✔ Don't think your life can be improved

✔ You're not worried about where your life is heading

✔ Your lifestyle is perfectly balanced

✔ You feel happy, confident & fulfilled in life


"Success is 
Liking Yourself, Liking what you do,
and Liking how you do it"
~Maya Angelou

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Book a free call with me

Know you need some help but not sure how I can help you yet?

Let's jump on a call to chat about what it is you're struggling with and I'll let you know if I can help.

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