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Hi, I'm Rebecca

I know how it feels when life gets too much!

To feel so bogged down by all the responsibilities you have that it's hard to see or feel the joy in life!

I've always been determined not to get stuck in a rut of feeling this way. So when I became a Mum and I found myself feeling grumpy and resentful more often than I liked I decided to follow my passion for understanding myself and other people. 


I became a life coach and I'm so glad I did.

It opened up a whole new way of seeing the world and myself and it's such a passion and a privilege to share my knowledge with other women so they can find their own way to enjoy life more and to feel as happy, fulfilled and successful as I do now!

My free guide to Master your Mojo is a good place to start. You can download it for free here 

Talk soon, 


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