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Get Set For Summer

Feel less Stressed & more Excited!

You're not alone if you're wondering how you're going to manage the holidays
 because your time is so split across work, house work, food shopping, c
ooking, laundry and everything else that we do as Mums. And your budget doesn't allow you to do all the fabulous things there is to do either.
You can feel on top of Mum Life and like the fabulous Mum you are
by taking our summer plans and making them your own. You'll feel at ease once you're armed with the workbook which reduces the pressure of feeling like it's all on you to organise everything and make memories. And the mini stress reduction rituals including a super relaxing sound bath audio help you to be the fun Mum you want to be even when life starts to feel a lot.
Extra Bonus - Join us live on Mondays at 8.30pm for a relaxation and a chat
Grab our summer bundle and start getting excited
for the time you have together this summer
40% of parents and carers feel stress, anxiety or dread when thinking about the summer holidays

The Reading Agency Charity July 2019

It doesn't have to feel this way!

Do you feel:​

  • Panicky about the lack of plans you've made for the school holidays

  • Worried you can't give your children the holiday they deserve as you don't have the time or money you need to spend with them

  • Anxious you'll never get on top of all the household To Dos and will end up losing your cool and being that grumpy, shouty Mum you really don't want to be

  • Dreading having no time for you or even how you'll get any work done

  • Desperate to avoid feeling like you can't do it all and getting grumpy as a result

  • Keen to make a plan so you can feel more at on top of it all but don't know what to do or where to start

Our Get Set for Summer bundle
will help you overcome all of these negative thoughts so you can  feel at ease and excited with a plan that gives you the balance
you need this summer

We've put together all you need to feel....

On top of Mum Life

It will help you to:

  • Know you're not alone in feeling anxious about the long summer break

  • Let go of the pressures you feel to organise and manage it all by yourself

  • Involve the children and your partner so you all get excited and feel closer

  • Stop comparing yourself to others and trying to do too much
  • Start sharing out all the household, organisation and admin chores

  • Find time to rest and nourish yourself (and your children) to stop your grumpy, ratty Mum side showing up

  • Feel like a Super Mum, the organised leader and hub of the home - Yay!

Don't struggle alone

90% of mothers feel lonely after having children. 87% of mothers feel guilty.
Channel Mums, March 2018
Hello, I'm Rebecca

It's not easy being a Mum. You can feel really anxious that you're not doing a good enough job (Oh the Mum guilt!).


It can be hard to find the time you need to fit in home life, work life and enjoy time with the kids too!

It's essential to find the right balance for you and your family so you be the calm, fun, happy Mum you want to be.

Grab the Get Set for Summer bundle and plan a summer you and your family can feel excited really about!

230329-Rebecca H -0603.jpg

What to expect:

The Get Set for summer bundle includes:

Pre recorded Masterclass

- How to let go of some of the pressures we feel

- How to get yourself in the right frame of mind to really enjoy the summer holidays

- What you need to do to formulate a feel good plan that all the family have bought into


- Step by step worksheets to create a summer plan you feel at ease and excited about

- Go to ideas and checklists to get all the at home To Do's done including food shopping, meal planning, things to do for all budgets, packing to go away and more

- Daily mini rituals to help you stay sane and be the patient, present Mum you want to be

Sound bath audio

Soothing and relaxing 5 and 20 minute audios of @fitnesswithamy healing sound bath recording you can play anytime you need to reset yourself

Weekly Meet ups Online

It's so powerful to share how we're feeling, know we're not alone and hear what is working for and helping others. We takeaway a sense of feeling OK and get ideas of what we can try ourselves.

So we'll be meeting on zoom at 8.30pm on a Monday throughout the school holidays.

Click the button below to add your name, email address and make your payment.

You'll then receive an email to give you online access to the bundle within 24 hours.

Family Fishing Trip

This bundle is ideal  for you
if you're feeling:

✔ Worried or are dreading the long summer holiday

✔ Lack of a plan is making you feel anxious

✔ Responsibility of parenting gets you down

✔ Lack of time and help makes you feel grumpy

✔ Tiredness and irritability is damaging your relationships with your family

It's not right for you if you're:

​✔ Completely happy with your current life 

✔ Your lifestyle feels perfectly balanced

✔ Confident decision making means life feels easy

✔ You are taking plenty of time out for you

✔ You have positive thoughts and a healthy mindset

✔ You feel calm, fun and happy each day

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IG story - Google reviews (1).png
IG story - Google reviews.png
  • I'm not sure I'll manage to take the time out from my family
    Your family will benefit so much from you taking time out for yourself. Taking time out helps you to be the best Mum you can be. Coaching helps you to become the calm, confident, happy Mum you aspire to be and this will shine through to your family. So they will be calmer and happy too. Everyone wins!
  • How do I justify spending time and money on myself?
    If you're struggling you can't afford not to. You need to take care of yourself so that you have the physical and emotional energy to take care of your family. Your family will benefit too from the clarity and improved happiness you will get from coaching.
  • I know I need some me time but I’m nervous of change and the chaos it may cause
    As part of coaching you will work out what you and your family as a whole need and how you can implement that. It willl become clear how things work best for your whole family as well as how you can find the balance and take some time and space for you.
  • I’m worried it could be seen as a bit selfish to spend time and money on myself
    Self care is a priority. If we make time for ourselves to be calmer, happier and more confident others benefit as we show up as our best selves. Your happy vibe will rub off on everyone in your household.
  • How long is each session? ​
    Sessions are typically 60 minutes. Depending on what we are working on, sessions may last up to 90 minutes.
  • How frequent are sessions?
    I suggest weekly sessions to ensure you fully benefit from the programme but we can discuss what works best for you on a free Discovery Call. All sessions are booked a week in advance.
  • Do you offer online sessions?
    All my coaching sessions are held online. You will receive a secure link to your sessions.
  • What will I need for the first session? ​
    We can discuss this on a free Discovery call and once you enroll you will also receive detailed information in advance of our first session.
  • Do I receive any support in between the sessions?
    Yes you do. You can contact me via email which I access once a day. I will get back to you within 24 hours.
  • Can I cancel if I don't see the benefits?
    Although this has never happened, you can cancel by giving 7 days' notice and you will be refunded for any sessions that have not been provided.
Rebecca Hogan Coaching

Want to have a chat 

If you want to have a chat about your family situation and how you're feeling right now then you can book a completely free and confidential call with me.

On the call we'll chat about what is going on for you right now and how you'd like life to be and I'll help you work out how to move forward to achieve that.

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