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Feel good in Motherhood

Becoming a Mum is a lot! It's a huge identity shift.

You want to give your all to motherhood so you can be the best Mum you can be. But you also feel a strong desire to get back to your old self too. It's so normal to feel overwhelmed and confused by this.

And it keeps changing!
When you go on to have more children, when they start nursery and school. You're not alone on finding it all harder than you expected to.

You don't have to work it all out by yourself.
I'd love to help you navigate all you're feeling and help you work out what you want and need at each stage of motherhood so you can

Feel Good in Motherhood
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Master your Mum Mojo

6 Steps to Master your Mum Mojo

Motherhood can feel overwhelming and all too much. Let me help you enjoy it more!

Hello, I'm Rebecca

I didn't find it easy being a stay at home Mum. After fertility struggles I expected life to be amazing. I was finally a Mum!

My daughter was full of fun and life but I felt so split.

Sometimes I felt really anxious that I wasn't doing a good enough job (Oh the Mum guilt!). And at other times I felt a strong pull to get back to the me I was before I became Mum.

Once I discovered Matrescence, the split I felt finally made sense. 

It's such a passion and a privilege to share my knowledge of Matrescence. I love to help Mums find their own way through it so they can enjoy motherhood as much as I do now!

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"Rebecca has been fantastic in helping me manage the busy working mum juggle. I've now got several methods I use regularly to help me stay in control and on track with mum life! Thank you so much for all your help."



Work with me

Women with Sparklers
Mama Cocoon

Take time out for you

Come and have a nurturing and nourishing chat about motherhood. Feel supported & Know You're Not Alone


Free Your Mind

to Feel Good In Motherhood

Silence your worries and doubts.

Quieten your inner mean mama

Get Your Sparkle Back!

Signature Programme
1:1 Signature Programme

Find your way with Matrescence

Navigate your identity shift to know what you want and need to support you and your family.

Find Your Me In Motherhood

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